Shree Jee Baba Educational Society has been established with a view to catering to the needs of urban as well as rural people who look for an education centre which can vie with the best available and prepare academicians, educationists, corporate workers, entrepreneurs and legal experts etc. who, having been groomed in the institution, may feel highly confident, immensely vibrant and infinitely energetic. Bubbling with various visions they will steer the nation or the world for that matter to a state where democratic values are not only accepted or tolerated but also lived out with an earnest willingness.
The main motive behind the institution is not to stand out alone or to portray itself as something protruding but to make its produce highly skilled and dynamic in their respective fields, which they choose to excel in.

  • To develop leadership quality amongst the students.
  • To strength moral values & invigorate cultural ethos.
  • To mould character, inculcate discipline & spirit of unity amongst the students.
  • To transform skill and knowledge congruent to the jobs in the society.
  • Preparing highly motivated dedicated and innovative minds to lead India into a realm where everybody is superior to others but nobody is inferior to anybody.


   KM Stone 117, NH19,
Semari Chhata , Mathura (UP)



   25-A Geeta Enclave, Bank Colony,
Krishna Nagar, Mathura (U.P)