From the Desk of the Chairperson

img-3Dear Students,

Our endeavor is to impart job-oriented and value based education, which will not only pave the way for bright future but also prove an asset to you so that you may serve the nation efficiently. As the chairpersons of the SJB Educational Group I will leave no stone unturned to make SJB Educational group a most viable and most sought-after place for the students pursuing higher education.

Wishing  you all success.

Mrs. Sudha Sharma


From the Desk of the Vice President
img1Dear Students,

Make your own way through indigenously discovered avenues .Things do not necessarily go your way. Feel through the obstacles which you happen to confront on your way to success. For it is the impediments, utmost effort and extreme exertion that make a success taste sweeter.

Keep a vigil on yourself and see to it that you do not behave with others the way you do not want to be behaved. Share with others the experience you have unsparingly culled during you journey and inspire them to delicately gather their own experience and pave new pathways which coming generations may use to take this dynamic humanity ahead.

Wishing you a bright future.

Mr. Suresh Chand Kaushik

From the Desk of the Secretary

img-2Dear Students,

Education can’t stop at teaching and learning in class rooms. Young professionals need opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. That’s my firm belief and there’s no room for empty promises. We strive to create a learning environment where you unfold your potential and closely interact with the practitioners from the industry.

We develop analytical skills, creativity, and innovativeness and impart the best and latest knowledge, so that you can meet all the future challenges. We aim at developing the overall personality through multifarious activities so that you can deliver the best.

With best wishes.

Mr. Nand Kishor Upmanyu