IQAC COMMITTEE (2010-2012)

As per the decision of the meeting of the members of the trust of Shree Jee Baba Educational Society held on 4th of june 2010 at college premises the following member have been nominated and appointed for the creation of the Internal Quality assessment Cell (IQAC) for 2010-2012

Members of the Committee

Dr. Deepa Rajawat                     Principal (Head of the Committee)

Dr. H.K. Bhardwaj                       Member Teacher

Dr. Amit kaushik                          Member Teacher

Dr. Lavanya Kaushik                   Member Teacher

Sh. R.K.Panth                              Member Teacher

Sh. Madhusudan Goswami          One Member from Management

Sh. Girdhari Lal Sharma              One Nominee From Local Society

Sh. Sudhir Sharma                      Administrative Officer

Sh. Rahul Dixit                            Administrative Officer

Sh Chandra Bhan Varshney       Coordinator Teacher

Miss Sapna Saraswat                 Student union