sml-14Shree Jee Baba Institute has been established by Shree Jee Baba Educational Society Mathura, to impart the education to the Citizens of India. The Society has firmly determined to check and eradicate the social evils prevailing in the society. The achievement is possible if proper education is imparted to the citizens. Today there are many instances that the personal is literate but not educated properly and a person in such a state is harmful to himself and to the society also. At this juncture it is the sole responsibility of every educational institute to impart the proper and complete education to the citizens.

Now Shree Jee Baba Institute is in existence and will overcome all such problem by imparting the  education to the citizens with the aid of all ultra modern techniques to make them as the educationist and professionals in real sense to serve the Nation.

  • Mission
    To develop leadership quality amongst the students
    To strength moral values & invigorate cultural ethos.
    To mould character, inculcate discipline & spirit of unity amongst the students.
    To transform skill and knowledge congruent to the jobs in the society.
  • Vision
    Preparing highly motivated dedicated and innovative minds to lead India into a realm where everybody is superior to others but nobody is inferior to anybody.